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Group Programs

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Group Programs for Children

*We are not currently running our group programs, but are able to offer individual skill development programs in these areas

6-8 spots available per group                                                                       
Medicare Rebates apply for eligible participants
NDIS funding applicable for self- and plan-managed clients
All groups are $480


Resilient Kids   

This six session program is designed to improve children’s social and emotional resilience.

This program provides children with a small supportive environment in which they can learn

and practice practical strategies to help develop their social and emotional flexibility and

regulation skills.


Social Skills for Kids                                                                                                     

This six session group teaches children key social skills required to make and maintain friendships.

The program runs in the ideal setting, of small groups of a maximum 6 children, providing an opportunity

for individual time with each child along with opportunity to practice skills with other children.


Confident Kids

This six session program is designed for anxious children, and children with low self esteem.. Children learn how to understand and manage anxiety, how to recognise and challenge unhelpful thoughts, and also teaches children how to use brave

behaviour to face their fears. This program also includes a focus on self-esteem, and some effective strategies for improving self-esteem.

Group Programs for Parents

Compassionate Parenting Program Express Interest in this group -                                                                                                           

For parents, grandparents and all caregivers

This six session program is designed for parents and caregivers of children of any age. The program helps caregivers identify reasons underlying their children’s behaviour and develop effective strategies to manage their behaviour, whilst ensuring a focus on compassionate, calm parenting. The program is run in small groups, designed to encourage a supportive environment with other parents.

Managing Stress  Express Interest in this group -

For any adult

This six session program is designed for any adult looking for better ways to manage stress. We know that stress is an inevitable part of life, particularly as a parent, however, there are scientifically-proven ways to more effectively manage your stress. This program will cover simple, practical strategies that can be implemented immediately, that will help to significantly reduce the impact of stress on your mood, sleep, health, relationships and life in general. The program is run in small groups, designed to encourage a supportive, non-judgmental experience with other adults also looking to better manage their stress.

Do As I Do - Parenting an Anxious Child          Express Interest in this group -                                                                                                  

For parents, grandparents and all caregivers of anxious children

Do as I Do is a six session program designed for parents of anxious children who want to learn effective ways to improve their child’s confidence . The program helps parents understand their child’s anxiety and learn effective ways to respond to their child’s anxiety, which has been shown to significantly decrease children’s anxiety levels.

Young Mums Support Group          Express Interest in this group -

This group runs over six sessions and is designed for young mums to meet other young mothers and gain support from those in similar situations. Topics covered include stress management, resiliency, relaxation and self-care.

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